We Were Burgled Not Once, But Twice!

Hot on the heels of the burglary of our Hillsborough office on Valentine’s Day, we were alarmed to become the targets of a second break-in – this time at our former Lettings Hub in Crookes.

Once again, we count ourselves lucky however that, just like the Hillsborough burglary, nobody was hurt, and nothing was taken from the premises that could not be replaced.

Fortunately, the efforts we made after the first burglary meant even fewer things were taken. We were immensely grateful for all the support we received during this time and, thanks to the tremendous efforts of our supportive friends and South Yorkshire Police, we were able to catch the culprit of both crimes.

Reflecting on these unfortunate events a year on, it is telling of the immense impact COVID-19 has had in the UK that our double burglary feels like a footnote at the start of the year. However, we are proud to have come away from these unfortunate incidents even stronger.

We are MorfittSmith and We are Still Standing.

Stay safe Sheffield.