Smart Home Future – Are you missing out on the best price for your home?

West Grove Road in Retford is a shining example of how to improve a property and colossally add to its value.

We all want our homes to sell for what they deserve. But it can be a real challenge to realise the fullest value of a property.

2020-21 has seen an exceptionally buoyant property market in an otherwise turbulent time. At MorfittSmith we have regularly found ourselves with multiple offers above the asking price for our homes.

There has never been a more opportune time to capitalise on the difference that home improvements can make to the value of your property.

More than just a renovation.

Your first impression of West Grove Road is bound to be positive. It has seen a lot of structural improvements over the years. The reception rooms have been connected, the kitchen was redesigned, and the bathrooms have been modernised. The frontage is unassuming and it doesn’t stand out among its neighbours. So it is all the more impressive when you step through the front door into this stunning home.

But there isn’t anything new about updating an older house. Plenty of homes from the ’70s have seen renovations when they begin to feel dated. But they still don’t achieve what they could.

A smart home packed with the best technologies to make a luxurious lifestyle convenient and practical.

It is the technologies beneath the surface that add such a significant value to its sale. Countless custom automations have transformed this beautiful 4-bed into an incredibly low-maintenance smart home.

We live multi-media lives in analogue homes, and it is time our walls caught up with our windows.

When you enter the front porch, the automatic lights turn on to save you fumbling around in the dark with shopping bags. This intelligent lighting can be found in every corner of the home, both inside and out. Even the bathroom lights are intelligent. If you pop to the bathroom in the night soft lighting gently guides your way rather than blinding you with the main light. There is even a smart TV above the bath ensuring a long relaxing soak is never without entertainment.

Thought-provoking street lights extend down the lawns of the immense garden drawing the eye into the distance and letting your imagination race. Spotlights surround the decking giving you an ideal place to entertain. While the immense raised Koi pond stuns with a rainbow waterfall beneath a starry sky ceiling.

A zone-controlled multi-channel smart speaker system can be found across each floor. When we spend so much of our lives on handheld smart devices we really deserve better sound quality than tiny built-in speakers can provide. West Grove Road caters for your needs with a wireless system that doesn’t interrupt the audio of other family members throughout the house.

The living room is the centre of the home and has the hardware to prove it. The smart lighting and smarter speakers are further complimented by the digitally controlled gas fire. A poorly utilised fireplace can downvalue a home, leaving it to feel outdated. West Grove Road’s modern fireplace has been forged into the prominent feature of the room. This keeps attention away from the black mirror of the tv when it is not in use, cementing a more refined aesthetic.

The living room is not boxed in by the staircase. It instead uses feature lighting to draw the eye toward the portal through the wall into a seemingly endless tropical fish tank. This seamless integration whispers of the luxury that West Grove Road commands.

The stunning custom-built kitchen reflects the practical needs of modern life with a double oven, but also the shifting social function that dining plays in the home. The seamless hob facing into the dining area includes your guests in the experience of cooking turning it into a social occasion to share.

A room that sees increasing demand in the modern home is the Snug/ Play Room. Giving adults and children a chance to escape one another can come as a very welcome break. But this room should never be an afterthought. In West Grove Road this could well be one of the most stunning rooms in the house. One wall is almost entirely filled by the immense tropical fish tank. This private aquarium gives you a chance to really appreciate what is teased by the living room.

Technologies make life easier while achieving so much more.

The upkeep of a smart home might seem daunting. But it is the job of technology to simplify our lives and make maintaining a high standard of living easier.

The immense garden is filled with deep beds of exotic trees, bushes and flowers each with its own seemingly terrifying demands. The garden actually features an automated irrigation system to water each flowerbed through the night in the hotter summer months. Different waterpoints buried in the flowerbeds automatically drip, spray, or feed water in varying amounts to each of the specific flora to meet their exacting demands and save your time.

The daunting tropical fish tank may be one of the least taxing pieces of technology in the house as it actually has its own dedicated plant room. Automation was essential for maintaining such beautiful and long-lived tropical fish. The plant room maintains filtration, feeding, and managing the water, making this an exceptionally low maintenance statement feature. Even the Koi pond features a similar filtration mechanism ensuring maintenance is minimal and infrequent.

Adding value.

As technologies improve luxurious lifestyles become more affordable and more achievable. The once impractical opulence of integrated tropical fish tanks or colossal gardens of needy exotic plants has come well within reach. You can now realise an even greater increase in the value of your home.

Whether you are improving for yourself or improving to sell, you can be sure that the latest technologies will pay a long term dividend when it comes time to move.

West Grove Road is available exclusively from MorfittSmith. Click here for the latest availability.