International Women’s… Week!

International Women’s Day is a global holiday, that is more than a century old, commemorating the many achievements of women and bringing attention to women’s rights issues such as gender equality. This is a cause very close to our heart here at MorfittSmith.

Last year we decided that one day was not nearly sufficient to recognise all the incredible women at MorfittSmith. Instead, we chose to celebrate International Women’s Week, dedicating each day to a different female member of the MorfittSmith family.

This decision was aptly timed as it gave us the chance to shine a spotlight on our latest hire, Frankie, who had recently joined the team as our Digital Editor and Photography Assistant. Frankie arrived with an impressive existing portfolio, ranging from digital art and graphic design, to videography and even music production. She channelled this passion for content creation into property and quickly became an integral member of the Photography & Marketing team here at MorfittSmith. Whether it’s for sales, lettings or new homes, Frankie strives to get the very best out of each and every property through skilled editing and copywriting.

We count ourselves very fortunate to have so many incredible women on our team who make MorfittSmith possible. Meet our incredible team HERE, and find out more about how they are growing HERE.